Tuesday, January 9, 2007

its been a while since i last posted and i guess, i really miss my blog. as in super duper. i've been very busy with my Visual Basic project and until, it is not yet done. there are lots of errors and i hate it. i seek for help already and thanks so much for those people who offered their help. i really appreciate it. actually, most of us are not yet done and we're in the cramming mode right now because the said project will be passed on Thursday. i just hope to finish this before this day ends.

tomorrow, our classes will resume. i'm still not yet ready. next week will be our Midterm Examination. though i'm excited to see my friends but still, i'm nervous because of the project in VB. i'm afraid that i might not accomplish it. i wanna cry. on Friday, hopefully, there will be no exams so that Eunice and i can go to MCS for some transaction. i wish that it will be successful.

that's all for now. project-making resume. :P