Tuesday, January 23, 2007

another PE class today. and as usual, we had some BASKETBALL. hehe :D we've already seen our Midterm Exam plus our Midterm Grade. Congrats to all of us!!! :P we had some Dribbling and Free Throw shooting. i only had 3 successful shots out of many attempts. haha :D it was so annoying. arrrghhh!!! by next meeting, we will be having our first Practical Test for the Final Term. and it will be about Free Throw shooting. GudLuck. haha :P i really find it hard to shoot the ball. shame on me.

we've also seen our Midterm Grade in Physics and i can say that i'm glad that i got a passing remark. Congrats to those people got the grades of 90 and above. my grade's not too high but not too low also. i just need to work harder for me to be able to get a grade higher than that. we had some discussion and an activity which was super difficult huh?!

when we were walking towards our SAD room, i really felt the nerves coz i wasn't ready to know the result of my exam and my Midterm Grade but fortunately, it will be shown next meeting. but sad to say, i'm still nervous about my Midterm grade in VB. i've talked to some students who had their VB class earlier than us and told us that most of them got a failing grade and only few passed. just wish us luck. :D