Thursday, January 11, 2007

i finally submitted my project in Visual Basic and hopefully, i wish could do better on the Defense to be held on Thursday. right now, i'm really feeling the nerves here oh *pointing on my chest* tomorrow, Eunice and i will be going to MCS for some transactions. i just hope that it will become successful *fingers-crossed* and also, i'll start reviewing my notes starting tomorrow for the Midterm Exams next week. we have a very bloody schedule and that's not good. i have to review the exams for Monday to Wednesday tomorrow, on Saturday and on Sunday. i really have to prepare myself for the exams coz i'm afraid to fail expecially in VB coz i have very low quiz, class standing and my ony chance is the Midterm Exam. On Thursday will be our defense. my gosh!!! nerve-rocking. actually, i need to memorize all the codes. i just hope that i could do it successfully coz it is worth 80 points and the codes worth 120 points. so, all in all, it is 200 points.