Monday, January 22, 2007

today's the JUDGEMENT DAY but unfortunately, i haven't seen any of my test papers. hehe :D we had five subjects today but only one professor was present and the rest were absent. how good is that?! hehe :D i just woke up early coz my first class would be at 7.30am and we have waited there for one and a half hours just to see nothing. my prof was absent for the second time. on Humanities, we just had some brief introduction about the topic but he didn't let us see our scores in the midterms. actually, i'm expecting to get a low score there. :C next meeting, we will be able to know our exam score plus our Midterm Grade. waaaah :/ then, English. no professor again. we still don't know who will replace Sir Vista. haaaay. we had our break earlier than expected. special thanks to Dyei for the super yummy viand. hehe :D we had some kulitan and chikahan with Cent and Jhen. lots of bukingan and laglagan. haha :P no prof AGAIN in Networking but there was a substitute prof who was so clean and tidy. haha :P we just practiced as a preparation for the upcoming Practical/Lab Exam.

right now, i'm at Letran's Comp Lab with Dyei, Eunice and Joanne. we're just actually killing the time coz according to the news, our IRM prof is absent too. haha :p good for us. we can go home early.

anyway, that's all for now. :D