Friday, January 26, 2007

i really love the latter part of Princess Hours last night. Prince Gian was so sweet. haha ;D i was really carried away by the scene that until now, i can't get over it. hehe :D i'm still in the kilig mode thinking that it was just one of the many romantic scenes in the series. how much more in the kissing scene?? haha :P everyday, the episodes gets more and more interesting.

since it was planned already, Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and i went to Rizal Memorial to get a copy of the Basketball Rules created by FIBA. Dyei picked me at my house at around 9.15am and i was still doing my beauty routines that time. haha :D so, she waited for a couple of minutes then we were off. sort of traffic at Tayuman but we still managed to get through it. we rode a LRT going to Vito Cruz. we went directly to 7/11 since Eunice was waiting for us there. we had some chatting while waiting for Joanne to arrive. when she arrived, we decided to go to Rizal Mem but the guard told us that the FIBA building was moved to City Land and thre we can get the rules. but since, three of us were wearing only slippers and we know the SOP, we decided not to since we can download it on the FIBA site.

and because, we couldn't think of where to go and there are no malls near the place except for the University Mall, they decided to go to a Computer shop and kill the time there. Eunice went online while Joanne and Dyei played RAN and me? i just watched Eunice. hehe :D i jut don't want to waste money for that since i can use the internet at home. after how many hours, we decided to go home.

Joanne, Dyei and i rode a LRT and to our surprised, we saw Mamay with her newly-found friends riding the same LRT as ours. Dyei called her and then we greeted each other. she's actually a friend of mine since 1st grade. its been quite a long time since we last saw each other and i really miss her. how i wish i could visit her some other time?! i'll try to find time.