Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the Midterm Week just started last Monday and that same day, i had two sets of exams namely PE and IRM. with PE, it was okay, really okay except for the last part which was about the Letran Hymn. i know Letran Hymn in Spanish coz before we were asked to memorize it but to our surprise, the English version of our Alma Mater was part of the exam and that really s*cks. arrrghhh. i hate my prof for not informing us about it. my friends who belong to other sections were informed about it but we, weren't and that wasn't good. i just guessed and how i wish, my guesses were all correct. we were expecting a very long and difficult exam in IRM but fortunately, it wasn't that hard. thanks to Sir Gee for giving us that kind of exam. it was just a 2-page exam knowing that it was a major subject. hehe ;D

today, we had three sets of exams which were English, Physics and SAD. i hate English so much. all the things written on the exam were not discussed and we were all clueless about it. we really didn't have an idea about those questions, so meaning, we just guessed and hopefully, those guesses were correct. Physics was kinda okay but quite hard for the fact that some of the questions weren't discussed and i guessed again. the exams today were full of guesses. haha :P but some were discussed and i'm hoping for a passing score. with SAD, it was good just like IRM since we have the same professor on those subjects.

we were stunned by the news that our SAD prof told us about our English prof. we all know that he is sick and we also know that he regularly visit the hospital for check-ups. all of us were shocked a while ago when Sir Gee told us that our English prof is now suffering a memory loss. how sad. :C

only one set of exam tomorrow which is OS and Client Essential. one of our major subjects. i just finished reading my very thick book and hopefully, i absorbed all that i read. hehe :D supposedly, our VB exam will be today but because the exam is not yet approved, it was tentatively scheduled on Thursday together with Humanities and Theology. good thing, the defense was also moved. :D