Friday, January 19, 2007

no classes today coz today's Friday. hehe ;D there's an inuman session at my former classmate's crib and though we're invited, i'm pertaining to Dyei, Eunice, Joanne and me, we didn't show up. why?? its not that we don't want to be with them, but we just don't feel like drinking and we all thought that it would be a reunion of our former block but just yesterday, we were informed that even some of our classmates that are not part of the block will come. but nevertheless, i really want to have a reunion with them, its just that this is not the right time knowing that most of them failed the VB exam and the results are not yet known. so i guess, there's still no reason to celebrate. maybe, next time. :D

i, together with my mom and cousin went to MCS, my former school where Camille is currently studying. it's their 57th Foundation Day and Camille is scheduled to present their Mass Demo today. we were there an hour before the program starts. well, because the performers are required to be there at 12.30 and the program started at 1.30pm. anyway, so many people out there but compare to our batch, the people today are nothing. the number of people who were watching before were way better than now. and today's Foundation Day is dry compared to our batch. how i miss my High School days. :C how i wish that we could have get-together. i saw some of my former classmates-slash-schoolmates but i didn't talk to them nor say 'hello' coz we are not close. haha ;D

before we went home, Camille, Jude, Cha and i rode the Caterpillar and the two kids rode the Carousel. whatta day?!