Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sometimes we can't let go of hurt because it is a constant reminder of one great love story we never expected to come to an end.

I am definitely in the mood for blogging now and I don't know why. I just want to post something, it may be sensible or not, still, I wanna post something now.

Yesterday morning, I was feeling that nerves were all over my body because I was thinking of that defense for my SQA Case Study. I went to school early so that I could discuss to my groupmates what is the system all about. It is very obvious that I was the one who did it but I have no complains at all. So what if I was the only one who did it? It doesn't matter as long as we gave our best shot on the defense.

Until the last minute, we were cramming because we were not informed that each group should have their own laptops. Thank God, JL was there and we borrowed his laptop. We were scheduled at 12nn yet our defense started at 2pm, I guess. Anyhow, it was a success. I thought, the panelist will be going to throw a lot of difficult questions but they didn't. They have been so considerate and I am so thankful. They gave us advices so that we will know what we should know when the real defense comes. We passed it yet we still don't know if we are exempted in the Final Exams and how I wish, we will be.

Final Examinations just started yesterday. I only had one set of exam which was not that difficult. Leakage was present again but knowing me, I don't usually involve myself to stuffs like that. Guilt takes me over whenever I listen to leakages. Anyway, just wish me and my batchmates the best of luck that we may all get passing remarks on the exams.