Friday, October 26, 2007

I sit here, listening to everyone else's love story, and thinking "where's mine?"

The review class is finally over and I am not satisfied with what I have learned during this week. Actually, I am so worried that I might not be able to pass it because of the limited knowledge that I have right now. Though I learned a lot, still those are not enough to guarantee that I will pass the exam.

For the last three days of review, we did nothing. I was expecting that I could acquire a lot of knowledge today, which is the last day, but I was totally wrong. We did nothing but to sit, relax, chit-chat, laugh trip and net surfing. That is why for the last three days of review, I am so lazy to attend the review session because I know we will not do anything and I am so correct.

And for the past three days, only few attended the review class. We were like around 20 students and most of them were not attending the afternoon session. After lunch break, they didn't bother going back and they just went home. And actually, most of my friends were included on those people who didn't come back because instead of coming back, they went on playing Counter Strike.

Like yesterday, we attended the morning session and took the practice exam wherein I failed. haha :D After I took two sets of exams, I felt bored, sleepy and so fed up. It was so tiring to read several lines of scenarios and then, you don't have any idea of what is the answer amongst the given choices. The practice exam was so difficult, how much more the real exam. Gosh!

Lunch Break came. We had our snacks (because we didn't eat heavy meal) at 7/11. We were laugh tripping then. After that, the boys and some girls went to a computer shop and played Counter Strike again. They really love playing that game. Joanne, Eunice, Carla and I stayed at the Catwalk instead of watching them play. It is very obvious that we don't know how to play that computer game and we don't even have the interest of watching them play.

After lunch, we (Joanne, Eunice, Carla and I) went back to our room and went online. By the way, we watched the video of my debut party there and we were really laughing very hard because of some funny moments. Those were like bloopers. Since Eunice's laugh was very contagious, I can't help but laugh also plus Joanne's comments were so funny.

After how many hours of staying, we decided to go home without even knowing that our friends were waiting for us outside. We walked all together and even joked on each other. While walking, we were laughing as if we owned the place.

Tomorrow will be the MCP exams of my friends, Dyei, Julius and Paul. I'm wishing them the best of luck. I will pray that they will be able to pass the exams. Good Luck Guys! I really know you can do it. With the great intelligence you have, I doubt that you'll fail.

As for me, I'm feeling the nerves. I will start reviewing by tomorrow and hopefully, I could acquire the knowledge I need. I really want to pass this exam. And I wish God will guide me all throughout. Pray for us, guys! I just wish that all MCP exam takers will be able to pass the exam so we could have our grand celebration after.