Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sometimes, no matter how long or hard you love someone, they'll never love you back the way you do. And sometimes, you have to be ok with that.

This is my first post for the month of October. I've been hella out of the blogging world because of the school works that we need to accomplish plus the Final Exams will start on Monday. I have experienced the worst week in my life. All Junior IT students in Letran were able to experience a hell week. We were cramming because of our SQA Case Study, as if it is that important. We were informed last Friday that the submission of the case study and the defense will be on the 5th of October. We were expecting that it will push through but to our dismay, everything was postponed and moved together with our major exams.

Our group's defense will be on Monday at 12nn that's why all the exams scheduled for Monday and Tuesday were moved to Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. And I really don't like the idea. It is some sort of punishment to us, I guess. And from what I've heard, the defense for this sh*tty subject is so difficult. Yeah, I know, he (our prof) is trying to train us or practice us so we will know what to do when the real defense comes but the schedule doesn't fit. I mean, it is okay for me if there is a defense, it will always be a part of college life but hey, it's already final exams and of course, we also have things to do. And he even moved the exam just for this st*p*d defense.

Anyway, a week after final exams will be our review for the upcoming MCP Examinations and of course, I am nervous. This exam is far different from those major exams that we used to take in school. The exam will be on the 27th and everyone is preparing for it. Actually, we are more nervous about that exam more than our Finals that will start on Monday to some but for us Junior IT students, on Wednesday. This exam is equivalent to Board Exams but the difference is that we have to pass a number of MCP Exams before we could claim the title (MCSE, MCSD, MCDBA) but passing one exam would be an achievement for all of us. Once we pass one of the exams, we will be a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Just wish me and my groupmates luck for our defense on Monday. Our future lies there. haha =] And on our final exams as well. Hopefully, I could pass all the subjects and could make it to another level again.

And by the way, my dad went back to Saudi already and I am so sad about it. But I know I have to accept the fact that he needs to work there to give us everything we need and want. I have to wait for another year and a half just to be with him again.