Thursday, October 11, 2007

When the heart is willing to love, it will find a thousand ways. But when a heart is unwilling, it will find a thousand excuses.
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One exam to go and it is over. The first semester is about to end once again and I can't wait. Three more semesters to go and I'll be graduating. I'm really looking forward to that because I'm so excited marching down the aisle, accepting my diploma and of course, applying for jobs and being hired. Oh yeah, it seems that the real world is fun.

On the 22nd will be the start of our review for the MCP Exams and I can now feel the nervousness. Well, knowing me, I am so unlucky when it comes to exams like that and I don't know why. As a matter of fact, I didn't pass on the entrance exams of some colleges and universities that I took three years ago. I only had recommendations but I didn't pass at all. That is why, I am so nervous now that I might not pass the exam that we will be taking on the 27th. Hopefully, the curse will stop on the day that I will be taking the exams. I really wanna pass because my parents are also looking forward to it. So guys, please pray for me. Yet I know that God will never leave me and He will guide me all throughout.

Good news, our group were exempted in the SQA Final Exams because we reached the necessary grade. Not only us but almost all the Chillax Crew were also exempted and I am so happy about it. We all did a good job! Congrats to all of us. With that, we only took two sets of freaking exams today. Nosebleed. As in. haha :D I was not sure with all of my answers. Everything was new to me, I mean, even though I studied a lot, still, most of the questions in the exams couldn't be seen in the book. I am really worried. But hopefully, I could pass all of the exams including the exam that we are about to take on Saturday.

Online Enrollment is fast approaching and I'm still confused on what schedules to take. I want to be with my friends and I have this plan of taking those sections where they belong. So probably, it will not be a MCSE all the way. Unfortunately, my dismissal will always be at 6pm however, I don't have any 6-7:30pm schedule.

And by the way, on Sunday, we will be going out. haha :D I will be with my friends then we will go directly to Sto. Domingo Church for the procession.