Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oftentimes, we ask for signs for us to know if he/she is the right one. What if there are no signs? Is the absence of signs a sign?

For the second time now, I participated in the campaign as a support for my uncle who is running for Kagawad in our barangay. The first time I involved myself to this kind of stuff happened several years ago for the same uncle of mine.

With me were my mom, daddy Cesar and tito Luis to give support for daddy Carlo. Several people were also present to give support to their respective family member and friends. It was actually a nice experience though the heat of the sun was so smarting. I really felt the pain as the sun touched my skin. But I know it was good for the body because it was the morning sun.

I didn’t do what they usually do like shaking hands with the people in our neighbor and ask them to vote for this someone. All I did was to walk and just follow them wherever they go. As for my mom, she just walked as well but whenever she sees someone she knows, she would do the talking.

Anyway, the campaign thingy just took only a couple of hours. It was fun experience. Actually, most of my uncle’s friends want me to run for SK Chairman but unfortunately, I just turned 18 and I am not allowed anymore.