Monday, October 15, 2007

There's no such thing as not meant to be, for when two people fall in love, they are meant but sometimes, it's meant only for a moment.

Still, my entire body is in pain because of the procession yesterday. We really had a long walk plus my professor was such a VIP. It was so tiring but I was able to enjoy it because I was with my friends. Some sort of a reunion before the semestral break starts.

I read a tabloid this morning and found out that the NCAA defeated the UAAP on the Bantay Bata All-Star. I was not able to watch because I was not informed. Too bad. But after knowing that the NCAA squad won, I felt so glad. Though most of the players were from San Beda, still, the Letran Knights showed up most especially RJ Jazul. He was named the MVP after making 23 points. Plus Rey Guevarra was named the Slam Dunk King after receiving a perfect 50 from the judges.

Well, I don't have something sensible to share to you because this day is so boring. I just read a book and I am halfway to the end. Probably, I could finish it by tomorrow.