Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just when the mind found the answers,the heart changed the question.

The first semester has come to its end. How time flies. I still remember the worries and fears that I felt before this semester started because I know that this sem will be much harder than before. But look at now, we were able to get through a lot of pain in the ass school works and I am so happy with what I have accomplished so far.

I didn't expect that I will enjoy this semester but hey, I had a super fun first semester. Being with the Chillax Crew is always a wonderful moment to cherish. Meeting new friends is one of the things that I will never ever forget about this semester. I was able to meet and be friends with those people whom I thought I could never be in close with. My bad impression about them just vanished after talking to them and being close with them. They are so nice and fun to be with. I enjoyed all the moments with my classmates in this semester and hopefully, we could still see each other in one classroom next semester.

We only had one exam today which is Literature and it was nosebleed. Yeah, believe me. I didn't expect that the exam will be that difficult that it took us a long time before we finished answering the exams. After the exams, the Chillax boys together with some of our guy classmates played Basketball. We, the girls just watched them play and we even cheered for them.

I am hoping that I could pass all the subjects that I have taken this semester and I am really crossing my fingers that I will be able to pass the MCP Exams that we will be taking on the 27th of October which is apparently two weeks from now.