Monday, January 30, 2006

oh my.. i'm really happy with the results of my midterm examinations.. [thank GOD!!!] though, i failed on one subject, but still, i'm contented with the results.. =D

first, sa RETORIKA.. actually, not that high ung score ko sa exam but okei lang xe mataas naman midterm grade ko.. hehe.. me and DYEI got the same midterm grade which is 93.. =D we are actually the highest.. still, unexpected result.. =P after that, STATS.. wow, i was actually surprised when i found out that i got the highest score in the midterm exams.. i really can't believe it.. though, i'm confident that i will not fail the exam but still, na-schock pa din ako knowing that i'm the highest.. =D i got 90 out of 95.. [wow!!!] next to me is JULIUS, then KEVIN.. =P grabeeeee.. unexpected result talaga un.. i never imagined na magiging highest ako sa isang math-related subject noh.. =D

after that, break na namin.. EUNICE and i decided to go to the library to search for the folk dance which will be going to present in our PE class.. good thing, nakahanap kami.. lalo na rin ung sa group ko which is CARINOSA.. tapos nun, we ate at KISS inside the school.. i ordered KIKIAM and GULAMAN while her were SQUID BALL and GULAMAN.. haha.. =P

talagang kabado ako sa result ng TRIGO exam ko noh.. =/ unfortunately, i failed the exam.. :'c kakaiyak talaga.. i got the average of 71% waaaaah.. but the good thing was, i still pass the midterm.. hehe.. ung midterm grade ko dun is 77.. yehey.. buti pasado.. =D but, for me, low grade pa din un.. kaya we all decided to attend AASEM every friday, 1-3pm..

okei naman ung ENGLISH exam ko xe mataas naman xa eh.. i got 88 out of 100.. =D tsaka, i think, onti lang naman ang bumagsak dun eh.. =P after that, ACCTG.. waaaa.. can't believe that i was the highest in the midterms.. i got 96 out of 118.. =P still, unexpected score.. xe naman noh, di xa talaga kapani-paniwala.. xmpre, next to me is DYEI who got 85.. yehey.. umaaariba ang mga MCSIANS sa LETRAN.. haha.. =P

and ung prof namin sa ACCTG, eh pinipilit kami ni dyei na mag-accountancy.. meaning, mag-shift na daw kami.. he will be going to recommend us daw sa head.. yoko nga noh.. i love IT!!! hehe.. =P

anywei, kabado uli ako xe tomorrow na namin malalaman ung score namin sa PE and sa major namin na COMP102.. =/ i don't want to fail in that subjects kaya lang sobrang hirap ng exam kaya baka bumagsak pa din ako eh.. =P but hopefully, i could pass the exams on that subjects..

gotta take a rest.. and by the way, i have something to do pa.. our report on STATS on monday.. bye.. =P

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