Monday, January 23, 2006

kauuwi ko lang from school.. actually, MIDTERMS na namin kaya dapat, todo-aral na ako.. haha.. =P TRIGO and RETORIKA ung first set ng exams today.. i can say that the exams were not too difficult but of course not too easy.. hehe.. =D especially TRIGO.. for me, it was really hard especially the problem solving part.. =/ coz i forgot to review the lesson regarding the angle of elevation and depression with two equations.. hmmmf.. =/ xe i don't have notes on it.. haaaay..

before the exams, EUNICE and i were in the catwalk of LETRAN.. we decided to get into school early xe magpapaturo xa about nga sa TRIGO.. you know naman, na i'm not that genius when it comes to numbers.. haha.. =D good thing, ARIANNE came early too.. =P and bcoz of that, she taught us about that two equations something and the bearings one.. pero kahit tinuruan kami ni ahyan, still, di pa rin namin alam how to solve that.. though, wala akong na-leave na blank there, meaning, i answered all the items, i'm not sure naman if all of them were right noh.. hehe.. =D

ung RETORIKA naman.. the exam is good.. though, may part na hard pero most of the items were easy especially the story part.. haha.. =D maaga nga kami natapos dun except kay DYEI na gumawa ata ng novel.. hehe.. =P antagal nya xe eh.. actually, xa na lang ung naiwan inside the room.. hehe.. =P after the exam, nagpa-photocopy sila then we headed home na..

its good to know that we don't have classes tomorrow.. i have more time to review.. =P actually, after this, i would review na nga eh xe mahihirap ung mga subjects on wednesday [STATS, ACCTG, THEO] puro may memorization ung mga un tapos sa stats and acctg, may solving pa kaya talagang dapat i-focus ko talaga ung sarili ko sa pagre-review.. dahil for sure, duduguin kaming lahat sa wednesday.. haha.. =P

hopefully, i could pass all the examinations this midterm xe nga, i don't want to fail.. i really hate the feeling of failing.. =/ and i hope, all of us could pass the exams kahit ung mga classmates ko na di ko talaga close, i hope pumasa din sila.. =P wish us luck na lang.. haha.. =D

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