Saturday, January 28, 2006

i'll just make a short post today because nasa tamad mode na naman ako eh.. hehe.. =D

at last, the bloody exams were over.. haha.. =D the last exam was NSTP which was quite difficult compared to the past examinations on that same subject.. but of course, i'm really nervous of the result.. =/ sa monday na xe ibibigay ung exams so its really nerve rocking especially on TRIGO, STATS, ACCTG, THEO and COMP102..

i just came from a birthday party.. i was with my mom and my brother.. birthday xe nung inaanak ni ej na friend din namin kaya we were invited.. actually, it was just a simple get together because the place was really small but it can accomodated all the visitors.. and the the people there were very entertaining.. =P

after that, we went to KUYA MANDY's salon.. nagpagupit xe ako eh, super dry na xe nung lower part ng hair ko thats why i decided to make my hair cut.. but ala din naman pagbabago, umikli lang.. hehe.. and papa-straight xe ako next week before the wedding.. =D and nagpa-ahit din ako ng kilay.. hehe.. =P tapos si mommy, nagpagupit din ng hair.. and by next week, papakulay naman xa.. [parang andaming money..]

till here.. just pray for the good results of my examinations..

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