Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i just finished reviewing.. super hirap xe ng exams for tomorrow and i need a lot of time to review.. since yesterday, nagre-review na ako.. actually, yesterday, i finished reviewing STATS and ACCTG.. [puro memorization.. =/] i got a headache because of that.. haha.. no, i'm kidding..

nywei, i woke up at 9:00am and after having my breakfast, i started to review the same subjects again and THEO.. xe 3 sets of exams for tomorrow eh.. =/ after i finished reviewing the three, i took some rest.. and i texted my SIS JENNY and JAG.. =P katatapos lang daw ng prelims ng sis ko.. and sabi ko enxa na xa coz i don't have the time para text pa xa because busy talaga kami sa school eh.. =/ pero i know, by next week, maluwag na naman ang sked.. [hope so..]

after having my lunch, i started reviewing COMP102 though our exam on that subject is on thursday pa.. but because that is our major and super haba talaga ng dapat aralin dito, i decided to study na rin.. i accomplished chapters 3, 4 and 5 of comp102 and the other two chapters [1 & 2] bukas na lang.. hirap din xe, ung kasabay na subjects ng computer [PE nad ENGLISH] eh mahaba din ung aaralin .. =/

hirap talaga maging student but masaya din naman.. =P by the way, i opened my friendster a while ago and i have a testimonial coming from JL.. haha.. =P [sinipag..] nywei, tnx for the testi.. i made you one too.. =D

so, gotta take some rest and get ready for tomorrow.. =P and hopefully, maayos na din ung problem namin dito sa house.. i always pray nga eh for that and i hope GOD will answer my prayers.. =D

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