Thursday, January 26, 2006

the exams today were so deadly especially COMP102, our major.. =/ everything there was so difficult.. i ain't sure about my answers..

nag-start sa ENGLISH na okay naman.. not so difficult but not so easy also.. =P i just love the reading part there.. hehe.. because the answers were obviously on the selection.. haha.. =D anywei, PE, well, not that easy especially on the last part of the exam.. =/ it was kinda hard because some of them were not discussed to us.. that's what i hate on departmental exams.. =/

i don't know what to do on our COMP102.. it was really really hard.. and all of us got a headache on that.. i don't know who does the exam but whoever he/she was, hmmmf.. =/ hehe.. just like PE, some of them were not discussed.. [anu bang mga prof na yan?? hehe..] basta.. i thought it would be easier than before because it is not departmental [on that subject only] but i was wrong.. =/

tomorrow is the last day of exam.. [at last!!!] NSTP ung last exam and until now, di pa ako nagre-review.. nasa tamad mode xe ako e.. i dont' know din kung saan ako dadaan tomorrow xe may parade si manny pacquiao and dadaanan ung place namin, so probably, may traffic nyan.. haaay.. but i hope, di ako ma-late noh.. good thing, ms. obed adjusted the starting time.. instead of 9:00am, she made it at 9:30am..

so, i guess, till here muna..

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