Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You maybe sitting all alone today but believe in the magic that someone is meant to sit beside you someday.

This day is indeed a lucky day for the Letranites, most especially for the Letran Knights. Finally, the Knights beat the Lions by one point. It was a sweet victory for the Knights because after how many games that the Lions defeated them ever since the last season of NCAA, they had their sweet revenge. 70-69 is the final score.

We weren’t able to watch it live because the classes weren’t cut. Before we attended our last class (4.30-6.00), we watched for a while because every floor in our building has TV and since, the Letran-Beda match-up is one of the much-awaited games for this season, they decided to open it so we could watch. As we were walking towards the corner because all TVs are located on the corner of each floor, we already saw troop of students watching. As we left, Lions were up by 11 points.

While our professor was discussing, we really can’t concentrate on the lesson because we were distracted by the cheers of those students who were watching. And we badly wanted also to watch. But we can’t do anything but to stay inside the room and try to listen to the professor. But as soon as my professor announced that we were dismissed, we ran like the wind and directly went to where the TV is located. Some of the students didn’t have their classes and some didn’t attend their class just to watch the game.

The school’s spirit was really high as the students cheered for the Knights. We were all screaming and shouting at the top of our lungs as if we were there on the stadium. It felt good because almost all the professors were so supportive and they were also there to cheer for the Knights. Every time a successful shot was made by a Knight, we were yelling like there is no tomorrow and whenever a Lion makes a successful shot, they were shouting ‘Boo!” As if they could hear our yells and screams.

And when the final buzzer was heard, everyone was jumping in joy and shouting like we already won the championship title. It was funny yet a good feeling because of the support given by everyone to our team. The spirit is there and I‘m so glad that the Knights didn’t disappoint us. That would be our sweetest victory as of the moment.