Sunday, July 22, 2007

Have you ever noticed that the more special you treat someone, the more that someone takes you for granted? It’s like they think you won’t change.

This morning, I just watched ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ and I kinda love it. Well, a comedic film it is. Ever since the movie started, I was laughing and until the end, I was still laughing out hard. I do love comedy films because they are fun to watch. It is a about the life of teenagers with different personalities as they face their insecurities, hopes and fears. I find the lead girl character pretty and her name is Samaire Armstrong. The lead guy character is Kevin Zegers and he has very cute dimples. Love it.

Two or three sets of quizzes are about to face us tomorrow that’s why I studied my lessons. Actually, yesterday, I did study also and until now. I really need to because the lessons are much harder. The other one is some sort of re-take since many of us got low scores on the first quiz. Hopefully, I could pass all of those. Plus the graded recitation part, I just hope I could answer the question correctly.

Until now, I haven’t finalized all the things that are in connection with my Debut. There are some things that I really don’t know how and where to start. Some of the guests aren’t confirming yet so I better wait for their confirmation because I do need to count all the guests that will come. I need to count all of them because in just a week, I will let my invitations be done and of course, I will fix and organize the layouts of the seats and my guests' corresponding table. I guess, everything should be finalized by now. We need to hurry everything especially on my part because Midterms is fast approaching.

Perhaps, I won’t mind changing my layout because according to Dyei, it still looks nice. The Bloody Strawberry still looks good, I suppose. I’m still feeling the same emotion when I first used the layout so I guess, it will be like that until I have the chance to create a new one. I’m indeed a Lazy girl.

La Salle-UE match-up today. Animo La Salle!!! haha =] Go Simon!