Friday, July 20, 2007

Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious. ~Oscar Wilde

I went to school today because we had a practice for our Lit role play. I arrived at around 10.15am and my groupmates were nowhere in sight. I stayed in the catwalk for a little while and decided to go up to the library since Eunice was there. I passed by the court near the canteen and Ian called me and I waved. They just finished playing basketball. Actually, every Friday, they go to school just to play basketball. Well, that’s their life. For them, Basketball is Love. Haha =]

Eunice and I just had some chit-chatting about anything under the sun. After 30 minutes, I guess, I went down to check for my groupmates in the Catwalk. Good thing, I was able to see two of them. So, I started texting the others. After all the characters had arrived, we decided to start the practice. It was just a simple activity so we didn’t bother much time on it.

Though I am not that affected but still it doesn’t feel good knowing the mere fact that the Bombers beat the Knights. It was a sad defeat for the Knights after taking good care of their clean slate for this season. Perhaps, that was meant to happen and we couldn’t stop it from occurring. They were just unlucky that’s why they lose. There are still next times and they should focus their attention to their game on Wednesday as they face the mighty Lions for their last game of the 1st Round. We all know the rivalry between the Knights and Lions. For sure, the game will really be a hit. Just wish for the Knights’ best of luck. They are not yet strong but I know they can do it.

I did nothing today because I went to school and somehow wasted my time there. After all, we just stayed in one room and enjoyed our laugh trip. We were just chatting about this and that, and they had some funny pictures courtesy of JL’s MAC book because their faces were all distorted. I really had fun. Every moment with them will surely be amusing. I will never ever trade those sweet friends of mine for anything else in this world. They are simply the best.