Thursday, July 26, 2007

No one can exactly understand how your heart feels when it’s breaking, it is yours alone, self-contained and unintentionally unshared.

This is such a boring day for me. Nothing much happened today except from the bleeding part. I won’t elaborate more about it because it was quite yucky. It happened during my Lit class before we had our quiz. Lots of discussion during my Theo class which I find a bit boring. I was actually sleepy after sleeping late last night because I watched the replay of the Letran-Beda match up.

After being suspended for one year, the Archers and the Eagles finally faced. Chris Tiu and the rest of the Blue Eagles snatched the victory during the overtime. I thought the Green Archers would bag the triumph but they were just unlucky but it was too close. Jvee Casio was on fire during the last quarter but it was still short. Chris Tiu’s three point successful shot was the winning shot. It was a good game because during the first three quarters, it was the Eagles who dominated the game but as the fourth quarter had started, the Archers stepped on and made a number of successful shots.

I was cheering for the both teams because I really don’t know what team to support for the fact that I love Chris Tiu and Simon Atkins though Simon didn’t play. But I saw him and he is over cute and as for Chris, he’s still the same good looking player of the Eagles. It was actually not a good game for Chris but his three points made all the Blue Eagles screamed like hell and jumped as high as they can.

Better luck next time for the Archers. There is still a re-match because they will face again during the second round. I hope by that time, Archers could have their revenge. I just love the game just like how I loved yesterday’s game.