Thursday, July 5, 2007

Whoever said that what you don't know can't hurt you is a complete total moron, because for most people I know, not knowing is the worst feeling in the world. ~Grey's Anatomy

Busy, that is the best word to describe this week. Before this week started, I can say that I was too busy reviewing for all the quizzes that we had this week. This week is indeed full of quizzes especially on my major subjects. As you could notice, I failed to update my blog for how many days because I am too busy doing stuffs with regards to school.

We had a quiz on DataComm last Monday but I must say that it wasn't that difficult because before we took the quiz, we had some sort of review. Our supposed quiz on ITElect last Tuesday was moved on Thursday which is today because according to my classmates, they weren't ready for the quiz for they had difficulty in understanding the lesson and I doubted it. Yesterday was the worst day of this week because we had two sets of effin' quizzes wherein I had some sort of nosebleed. It was so difficult and I know that I screwed up on those two. I really couldn't understand why they were giving us such kind of quiz to think that those were just our first quizzes in two subjects. I just wish that they will give some considerations and hopefully, I could pass those. Another set of quiz was taken today on one of my majors. Good thing, I did study and prepare myself for it.

Another thing, there are so many stuffs given and we need to accomplish that as early as now because they are needed to be passed next week. The school works are really piling up and I know that this is just a start because as we go along, we will be meeting so many things to be done which will result to cramming and of course, sleepless nights.

Being a student is really hard even if you turn the world upside down, there is no easy in being a student, but come to think of it, being a student is somehow enjoying for the fact that you will be meeting on that special place the friends whom you can say the true ones. I am so thankful and I never regret the fact that I chose Letran because in that school, I was able to meet those people whom I can say the bests in the world.

Just this week I realized how I miss the bonding moments my girl friends used to have when we were together. Since Dyei and Eunice took different specializations, we seldom hang out. I do miss our chit-chatting in our favorite tambayan, the catwalk, our never-ending picture takings at the swing near St. Thomas Building, the Internet session during our breaks and our Canteen moments. How I wish that we could do that again especially the picture-taking part. Love You Girls. We will be turning two next Saturday and I am crossing my fingers that we will remain friends till forever.

I have so many things to accomplish by tomorrow especially on my SolArchi class. She's really giving us a headache by giving us a Seatwork and take home quiz which are so difficult. I think you need to send me to the hospital because I am about to collapse. hehe =]

I think I need to end this up. By the way, I miss bloghopping.