Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Don't be cold to someone you care about. Indifference hurts more than angry words.

Finally, we were done with our oh so frightening report in System Quality Assurance. I am so happy with how our group presented it. I did almost all of the report, from the process up to the flowchart part but they did the interface part. Nervousness did strike me but as the reporting went along, I got accustomed in speaking in front of the panelists which were my classmates and my professor, as well. I did almost all of the reporting part since I was the one who created it. After the report, they were free to ask questions and good thing, we managed to answer all of their questions. Our professor gave us a very satisfying grade and I am very much happy about it. I just hope that other groups will get grades lower than ours so we will be exempted on our next quiz. I know I am quite rude for wishing things such as that but I wanna be exempted on that quiz knowing my professor's capability of doing a very difficult quiz which you can compare to a Major Exam. After that, nothing much happened that day.

We had a Graded Recitation on my Lit class and I was able to answer correctly on the questions being thrown to me and so as to my classmates. All of us did a job well done. We had an activity after but we didn't manage to finish it and so, our professor gave it as an assignment. Surprisingly, the discussion on my Theology wasn't boring at all. I mean, we enjoyed the discussion and I guess, no one was sleepy that time. And she dismissed us early. After two meetings of being absent, my professor in IT Elect attended our class. We had some sort of discussion about IP Addressing again and a new topic was discussed. As usual, a boring Sol Archi class came next. I was so irritated because of the heat. We were confined in a room where the air-cons don't work well. It seemed that we were inside a defrosted refrigerator. That really s*cks plus our professor discussed lessons which I really can't absorb. I don't understand all the things that she said.

Joanne and I went home early because we weren't able to find our friends. Meaning, no bonding session for us. Good for her because she was able to see her crush. By the way, my crush just had a haircut and I still don't know if it suits him. I am still used to seeing him with bangs, though he still has but by this time, it is shorter. I just can't help but to look at him. haha =] You know what, I tried my best to get over him but I really can't. It is so hard. As a matter of fact, I once forced myself to think that he doesn't exist in my world but it is the fate and destiny who are making its way for the two of us. But I know that there is NO future between the two of us and I accepted that fact from the very beginning.

So much for my drama. I wanna watch Harry Potter but I couldn't find a companion. As for my second option, I will just buy a DVD if the DVD copy becomes available. I will just cut this off. I still need to review for my VB quiz tomorrow and some other things.