Friday, August 25, 2006

General Assembly

i went to school early today coz according to the president of LITS, there will be a meeting at 8.00am but unfortunately, they all came at 9.00am and the worst, some came at around 11.30am. darn them!! = i wasn't informed that the IT2E boys will be playing basketball that morning. they were already in the colegio at around 7.00am. un nga, i didn't have the chance to watch them. if i only knew, coz i was just in the office of IIT waiting for the other officers for one hour. haaaay. = then, the officers started to came one by one and we started doing stuffs. we were all cramming coz the program will start at 1.00pm. i had a free lunch. hehe. =D take note, JOLLIBEE pa courtesy of the budget we have for the org. =D after taking our lunch, we went to the SC AUDITORIUM right away and we saw few students waiting inside.

i, together with RHOAN and WEK were the ones in charge in the registration. so tiring job. = we were surrounded by lots of students. hehe. =D my fellow IT2E were there and they were so GULO. haha. =D some shouted: "may artista ba?" then, some kinukulit ako. haha. =D at around, 1.30pm, we already went inside the audi. we did't expect that we will be presented and will go up the stage. hehe. =D when my name was called, i was kinda nervous that i might stumble coz of my high heels. haha. =D i heard students clapping, especially my blockmates. =D when we were there, i heard one of my classmates shouted my name like this: "GO CEZ!!!" haha. =D

thank GOD, the general assembly was very successful unlike the previous one. =D that was the result of the officers' hardwork and i'm happy about it. =D congratz to all of us.

but sadly, the DOLPHINS defeted the KNIGHTS. =c but you know, i wasn't affected by that unlike before. it was just a game and it will not affect anything noh. i'm just hapy that BOYET BAUTISTA was picked by the PUREFOODS CHUNKEE GIANTS during the ROOKIE DRAFT. i can watch him na in the PBA this coming season and i'm very excited about it. ABAN, ANDAYA and ENRILE were picked also. i have so many teams to support. =D i hate the fact that SAN MIGUEL had picked ESPINAS. grrr. = LA was a good choice but ESPINAS was not. =

good night guys. =D