Sunday, August 20, 2006


i feel so bored right now. = well, nothing new naman every sunday eh. i just finished my assignment in PHILO last night. i made the chapter 1 of my term paper but it wasn't complete yet. still waiting for KATH's works. then, i don't know how to make my DATABASE assignment coz i was absent fot the first hoour of my class. haaaay. = so many school works to finish and i am pressured. grrrr. = and, i still have report on wednesday in HISTO but i still don't read it. hehe. =D i'm in the lazy mode right now. plus, our group in PHYSICS still have problems with the project given to us. why is he so damn irresponsible ba?? i don't know what's goin' on in his mind. if i only knew how to make that stupid project, i'll do it eh but the problem is, i really don't know the entire plan. = we contributed cds and diskettes already but he didn't take that. hmmmf = what should we do kaya??

there's a problem on the house, i mean, my grandma's house and i can't take it anymore. then, my grandma's is in the hospital right now coz of a mild stroke [ata]. please pray for her immediate recovery. my dad is really worried eh.

enough of these. i hate problems eh. = gotta cut this off. need to do my assignments pa. bye.