Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Layout.

i got a new layout. hehe. =D well, i used my previous layout for about two months and i guess, i need to change it na since, on friday will be SEPTEMBER na. actually, it is my month. =D tomorrow is KATH's 18th birthday but until now, we haven't think of a great gift for her. we don't know xe what gift should we give to her eh. on friday, it will be my mom's day and i still don't know what i should give to her on her special day. then, on the 8th, it will be MY DAY. haha. =D i'm turning 17 and i can't believe. actually, i don't feel that i'm grown up already and that just a year to go, i will be having my debut. gosh!!! ang bilis ng panahon. =D on the 27th naman, it will be CHACHA's 18th birthday. i don't know if she will be having any celebration. so many celebrators this month. hehe. =D

nywei, i went home early coz we don't have classes in the afternoon. we just had a discussion on our THEO class and a report on our HISTO class. i was not bored during the HISTO coz NIKO and i just talked and talked. good thing, we were not caught. haha. =D we started chatting about sports, then about my bro and cousins then we ended up at politics just like what we were discussing in that subject. haha. =D i didn't know the lessons coz i didn't listened. hehe. =D pasaway. after that, we were dismissed. we went up but our PHILO prof told us that we were required to attend the MITING DE AVANCE at 10am. so, we just went out and passed our LOGIC assignment first. then, our prof saw us again and informed us that the MITING DE AVANCE will be at 12nn. the told us to still go to the gym. DYEI and i went to the gym while the others were paying for the play that we are about to watch on the 9th. but no one's there, only the players. while EUNICE and i went to the lib to photocopy the notes in HISTO, DYEI, KATH and JOANNE met our prof on their way to the lib and he informed them that un nga, it was his mistake and he will not be checking the attendance. =D since, all of us don't want to attend that MITING DE AVANCE we just went home coz we have lots of school stuffs to finish eh. they have to revise their term papers pa and we still have assignments. haaaay!!!

we will not be joining the FOOD FESTIVAL tomorrow coz we just knew the region that we are about to represent yesterday. of course, it will be hard for us to prepare everything for just a day that's why our HISTO prof decided not to join na lang. what a relief. hehe. =D we will not be having our RIZAL class tomorrow and i'm so happy for that. haha. =D

i just came from sleep but i have to cut this off. bye for now. =D

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