Monday, August 14, 2006

Judgment Day!!!

by this time, we knew already the results of our exams in four subjects namely THEO, HISTO, PHILO and LOGIC. =D and thank GOD, i passed all those, meaning, i didn't fail anything. yehey!!! =D fulfillment on my part. i never expected that i would get results like that. i'm really happy. can't explain the feeling especially when i saw my midterm exam in LOGIC and my midterm grade there. i was like "WOW!!! is this true??" can't believe xe eh. =D

anywei, i'm kinda nervous na with the results of other examinations especially on PHYSICS and DATABASE. i hope, i would pass it too. =D i really hope and pray. =D i'm really afraid that i might fail DATABASE but i wish, i'll pass it.

i was kinda confused with the grades posted on our YAHOO GROUPS in LOGIC coz some of the grades posted there were not the grades that we saw kanina. for example, on my grade, i saw kanina on my prof's record that my grade is 91 and when i checked the grades on YG, it was different. super duper different. = i just got 84 there. that's why, i was really confused. i also found out there that some of my classmate's grades posted there were different from the ones we saw kanina. i'll just ask my prof about it coz i wanna clear things out. hehe. =D

so, i'll end this up na. i want to know talaga what my real grade is.