Monday, August 7, 2006

Check this Out!!!

i want you to check this video out. hehe. =D it was taken during JOANNE's bday wherein she treated us nga. i just edited the video using Movie Maker then i uploaded it in YOUTUBE. hope you'll like it. =D

the exams in PE and LOGIC were over and i can say that it was like "whoaaa!!!" hate it. hehe. =D with regards to PE, it was just like a quiz except for the last part in which we have to fill the blanks with the right words/lyrics of our ALMA MATER. waaaah!!! you know naman that our alma mater is in spanish that makes the words difficult to spell. good thing, i memorized some and i only skipped 2 blanks. anywei, i hate LOGIC!!! haha. =D just kidding. but the exam was really difficult, as in. i felt dizzy when i passed my test paper. =p well, i just wish that i could pass it. i hope my answers were all right. i need to pass it talaga.

there will be no classes tomorrow in LETRAN because it's ST. DOMINIC's feast day. yehey!!! but we have to finish our project in DATABASE that's why my groupmates will be going here in my crib. =p after that, i will be reviewing THEO and PHILO [in advance]

i'll end this up na. next time na lang. just watch the video over and over. hehe. =D

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