Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Celebrity Look-a-LikeS. ^^

i know everyone's very busy right now coz all of us are doing the chapter one of our research paper. =D its really hard. i've been doing this for around three days and that really shits. = i received KATH's work and i mixed it up already with my work. its pretty good but i hope its correct. i ain't sure with the words i used there. =D we still don't hve ppt presentation for that because we will be going to present that on thursday. i hope it will be approved so that we will not going to start from scratch again. [LORD, please.] i still have report in HISTO tomorrow together with DYEI and EUNICE. just wish us the best of luck that we may deliver the report well. =D my head's aching already coz i've been always thinking about our project in PHYSICS coz until now, there is still no updates or anything from our representative.

anywei, i find this site from MARENZA's and i find it really cute that's why i tried it. =D NOTE: look for the celebrity whose been consistently looks like me DAW. =D

gotta end this up na. still need to study my report tomorrow and my term paper. = WTF, i have lots of school stuffs here.