Thursday, August 24, 2006

Term Paper + Project

for these past few days, i've been very busy with my term paper in ENGLISH. tody is the submission of the first chapter and kanina, KATH and i presented it in front of the class with a powerpoint presentation. i didn't know how to start the report plus mental block. nerve-rocking. hmmmf. = good thing, we finished it and we got high [?] grades. we just need to revised that for the final submission of the first chapter.

my DSL connection sucks and i hate it. i don't have internet connection since sunday. = grrr. i have so many things to research pa naman. our group had a problem on our PHYSICS project because of that guy. = good thing, we finished it yesterday and we passed it already and we didn't have any deduction because it wasn't late noh. =D from, lampshade to clock, our project ended up as chandelier, DISKETTIC CD-LIER. it was all made by recycled materials. it will be used for the exhibit on monday.

short post muna. i still need to finish my assignment in DBASE eh.