Thursday, August 3, 2006

I'm back in the Game. =D

i'll be sticking with this layout for another month. i so love this one xe and i am so lazy changing layouts by this time coz i have so many things to do. i think, i'm gonna change my layout next month, SEPTEMBER, which is my birth month. hehe. =D a month to go and i'll be celebrating my 17th birthday. =D so excited!!! so, you better prepare your gifts for me. hehe. =D

this week is a busy week for all of us. lots of school stuffs to finish and next week will be our exam week. = last monday was JOANNE's 18th birthday. =D she treated us at YELLOW CAB [tenkyu so much!!!] then, last tuesday was our practical test in BOWLING. damn that!!! i didn't perfect the four steps and i guess, i really failed the test. waaah!!! plus my score was not that high. haaaay!!! = but i'm wishing that i pass it. i just study hard to get higher score in my midterm exam para pambawi. haha. =D

yesterday, as usual, our professors were really hardworking coz though we finished discussing all the lessons, they still managed to discuss. kainis!!! we went to POST OFFICE after dismissal coz we have this project in DATABASE that we have to analyze a database system. good thing, the people there were so nice that they really entertained us. actually, we have to go back there by this afternoon to drop by the questions for tomorrow's interview. whatta hectic sked for the six of us?! hehe. =D

tomorrow will be our midterm exam in DATABASE at 1.30-3.00pm. i better review after class coz i don't wanna fail that subect. haha. =D

right now, i'm here at LETRAN's internet lab with DYEI, EUNICE, JOANNE and KATH. we don't have class xe on ENGLISH, which is our first subject but we just want to get here early. hehe. =D and, my group in LOGIC which is composed of DYEI, EUNICE and i will be going to pass our project in that said subject.

just end this post here. got so many things to do pa eh. =D

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