Saturday, August 26, 2006

I want a MAC

just because of the seminar we attended last friday as part of our general assembly, i want a new laptop, a MAC pro. =D gosh, ang ganda nya and i want the white one. =p elibs ako dun sa speaker. hehe. =D and he said that MAC is way better than WINDOWS but MAC can run MICROSOFT program like MICROSOFT OFFICE. then, i also want the new flat screen monitor of APPLE for desktop computers. right now, i have a plan of selling my LAPTOP, its a HEWLETT PACKARD and buying a new one which is MAC. =D well, it's just a plan and still uncertain about that. i wish i could own a APPLE MAC laptop. hehe. =D

i just share it to all of you. coz i don't know what to post eh. hehe. =D I WANT A APPLE MAC PRO.