Saturday, August 19, 2006

[can't think of a title] =D

just what i had posted last night, we have classes today. =D i went to school early but it was just accidental coz the jeepney that i was riding didn't let the seats be all occupied. i mean, though we were just like 6-7 persons riding, he still started his engine. good thing, there was a cute guy riding the same jeep as me. hehe =D then, in DIVI, it was very easy to ride a jeep there coz today is saturday. when i said "para po" coz i was in front of LETRAN already, i was surprised to see that the cute guy that was riding the same jeep as me before was also there and he went down also. then, i realized that he is a LYCEAN. =D well, hope to see more of him. haha. =D

nywei, we had classes and i was bored. hehe. =D actually, i was sleepy nga during the discussion. there was a program but we were not required. we were dismissed early on RIZAL coz she just let us see our midterm grades. then, recitation of ALMA MATER HYMN during our PE. hehe. =D i was nervous coz you gonna sing in front of the class but i was happy coz i conquered it. we were also dismissed early. =D

though i didn't want to go, they still forced me to go to my cousin's surprise party. =D darn, i was just bored. = i should have made my term paper na lang. grrr.

nyt to all na lang. hehe. =D