Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Busy Again.

yesterday, i together with DYEI, EUNICE, JOANNE, KATH, CHACHA and GIAN watched KUBRADOR as part of the requirement in our subject RIZAL. =D actually, we don't have any plan of watching that coz we all want to watch CLICK but sadly, we were not able to watch it. = anywei, as a viewer, i can say that it was really magulo that's why i don't know why that film received awards and praises. hehe. =D since it is an independent film, the cameraman was really magulo. i got a headache coz when you watch the film, it seems that you are in a roller coaster. haha. =D we need to make a review and reflection about the film. good thing, the submission of this was moved to tuesday. yey!!!

IT2E students are very busy right now. lots of school stuffs are needed to be done this week. by the way, congratulations to my classmates who won 2nd place in the lampshade they made. it was made of recycled materials. though, we didn't won, i'm still happy coz all winners were made by IT students and included in those winners are my classmates. tomorrow will be the MITING DE AVANCE for the student council of LETRAN. we are required to wear either of these colors: blue, red and yellow. since, we are on the neutral side, we are going to wear blue. then, the next day [thursday], we are about to join the food festival wherein we have to prepare five dishes of the region assigned to us which is REGION 5[BICOL]. at the same time, it will be the election day and KATH's birthday. hehe. =D she will be turning 18 on the 31st.

still, i didn't get 100 points on our bowling kanina. i got 93. so sayang coz it seven points na lang. =D at least, i'm improving. haha. =D i'm so happy with my MIDTERM GRADES this semester and i hope i could maintain it. =D

got to go. need to print our assignment in LOGIC. hehe. =D