Friday, August 11, 2006

A day full of CUTENESS!!!

today is the last day of our midterm examinations and i'm so glad about it. hehe. =D i have three exams today namely PHILO, ENGLISH and RIZAL. i had a problem reviewing those subjects coz last night, my group composed of DYEI, EUNICE, JOANNE, KATH and CHA finished our project in DATABASE MANAGEMENT ESSENTIALS. we completed that said project at around 7:30pm. when they left our crib na, i went straightly to my room and reviewed everything. it was hard coz i was cramming already and i didn't know what subject should go first. haha. =D i just woke up early this morning so i could review. well, as a prediction, i will get a passing remark in most subjects but it will not be that high coz you know, i was cramming nga. i had so many things in mind that time that's why i couldn't focus on the exam. haaaay!!! it will be worst if i fail. huhu. =

finally, we finished the project and we passed it kanina. haaaay. = i had hard time answering the exams in ENGLISH and PHILO. they were not that difficult but not easy noh. hehe. =D

after the exams, DYEI, EUNICE and i decided to watch the game between LETRAN and JRU coz we are required to. hehe. =D actually, we were only five who watched the said game. before we went to the stadium, we ate first at MCDO and we saw there JEQ and GIAN. then, we went inside and the games just started. well, at first JRU dominated the game when their lead turned to ten. as you all know, KNIGHTS really hate getting lose that's why they did their best to dominate the game. when the second quarter began, they started making points and took the advantage. until the end, they still dominated it and they won having a score of 70-55. AARON ABAN was named as the player of the game. BOYET BAUTISTA was very unlucky at first but he recovered on the second half.

as the title implies, EUNICE and i saw a lot of cute guys there. haha. =D supposedly, we were seated at the GEN AD but because, many LETRANITES didn't watch the game because its our midterms, they let us transferred to the LOWERBOX. hehe. =D good thing, we really saw lots of cute people passing by in front of us. haha. =D we were tounge-tied with those HIGH SCHOOL students of LETRAN and some JRU. haha. =D well, you can't blame me if i got a crush on them coz they were really cute. EUNICE and i used to nodge our elbows when a cute guy will pass by. haha. =D we were like "gosh, he's so cute!!!" then we will both laugh. hehe. =D then, there was this guy and i'm pretty sure that he's in collegiate level na and he's studying in MAPUA. he's really cute, as in, sobra. then, EUNICE told me to look to my right and see this guy whom she find cute, of course, i turned to my right to see and while i was looking at him, he looked at me too and yes, indeed, he's cute, as in super duper cute. haha. =D [kulit!!!] then, we both laughed but to our surprise, he together with his friend sat behind us, as in sa likod talaga namin. and we were like frozen delight then. before they came xe, i was cheering and cheering and shouting and shouting. i was cheering BOYET nga eh like this: "GO BOYET!!!" as in shout talaga but then when he sat behind us, i just clapped na lang and i just mumbled "GO BOYET!!!" haha =D instead of shouting, i just did the clapping coz i was shy talaga. hehe. =D then, DYEI teased us pa when she said: "bat parang nanigas kau dyan?" we just laughed coz we didn't know what to answer. until we left the stadium, i still glanced over him. hehe. =D

then, we went home na. by the way, while DYEI and i were riding the jeep, we saw SERJ [former classmate] riding the same jeep with us. he was with another girl name ASHLEY. but he didn't tell us who she was but we're not curious naman eh. hehe. =D he paid our passenger's fee. THANK YOU!!!

end this up na.

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