Friday, August 4, 2006


today is the start of our midterm examinations. = our first set of exams are PHYSICS and DATABASE. actually, we were just informed yesterday that our exams in PHYSICS will be today. gosh!!! i was surprised of course, i didn't expect that. it was quite hard but not that easy. i wish i could pass it but i'm happy coz our prof told us that we just have low mortality rate, meaning, many of us will surely pass. haha. =D with DATABASE, it was like "d*mn that!!!" hehe. =D it was really difficult especially the diagram part. grrrr. = but i'm really hoping that i could get higher scores on the multiple choice and true or false so that i could pass it.

anywei, i'll just share to you those pics taken during the HOUSE BLESSING of KUYA RYAN. it was last last saturday. =D

group shot

certified camwhore

another shot

dining table
how beautiful their dining table is?!

whatta shot

i love the cake

pic addicts

yummy foods!!!

what can you say about those pics?? hehe. =D

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