Saturday, January 19, 2008

When someone really loves you, they will never hurt you and if they do, you will see that in their eyes, they are hurting too. ~Peter Parker

I woke up early and I really don't know why. As soon as my eyes opened after a deep sleep, I took my Windows Mobile right away and started texting my groupmates about the plan this afternoon. I also asked them to call PLM regarding the letter that we had submitted last Tuesday. But I didn't received any replies from them. Around 10am when they started replying. I was feeling it that the plan will not push through because Ian was in Rex's crib since yesterday and Ryan was also unsure. So, Ryan called and we found out that the offices are close during Saturdays. I have no choice but to cancel the plan and re-schedule it this week.

It was really boring in the house and I wanted to go out so badly. I planned of going to SM San Lazaro since it is just one ride away from our house. My mom agreed and she accompanied me there. I was also planning of buying new footwear eh. It was traffic going there and it was quite annoying. We reached SM and went directly to So! Fab. I love that store, promise. they've got lots of cute shoes, sandals, flats, slippers and the like plus the colors are so eye-catching. I found one but still undecided to buy. We strolled first and looked for something cuter but we found nothing. So, I settled down with the first one and bought it. Then, my mom and I strolled for a while then went home.

We just took a rest then we headed to Tondo Church to attend mass since tomorrow is Fiesta there. I saw lots of images of Sto. NiƱo and I find it cute. All of the images are dressed up in their own cute and stunning attires. After the mass, we went home.