Thursday, January 3, 2008

Avoiding someone has only two reasons: either you hate that person or you're in love with that person.

And because it's new year, I have a new layout. I decided to change the layout of my blog because I have been using the former layout for how many months now. The theme of the layout has nothing to do with me, okay? haha :P Maybe, a little but not really because I am not totally broken.

Most of us, I guess, create their own lists of resolutions that they should fulfill within the year. But in my case, I don't really make a list because I'm afraid that I might not fulfill or achieve it. What I usually do is to just go with the flow. I just do the things that I think are right and as much as possible, try to avoid doing bad acts. But you know, we can't stop ourselves from doing bad especially when it is needed to.

Life is just too short. We should do the things that will make us happy and that will satisfy us but of course, with certain limitations. We should not always follow the rules because where's the fun if you always do the right things? Well, in my case, I admit that I usually do what is right and always follow the rules but if you really know me well, you will discover the naughty side of me. I also break the rules and do bad things but not as worst as you could imagine. I am nice but I can be naughty.

Four days from now, the classes in Letran will resume and I am not yet ready. Our Christmas break should be extended. haha :D Well, I'm not ready to face my oh so diligent professors and do their never ending school works. But I guess, I have to motivate myself already. I have a lot of pending school stuffs eh.

Moreover, our midterm exams will start on the 14th and I haven't learned a lot since the second semester started. But I promise myself that I will study really hard starting next week. I have to ready myself with the major exams because I am not convinced with my performances during the past two months. I should, at least, get high scores in my midterm exams so that I can get high grades. I'm getting nervous already.

Anyway, within this day, I just did nothing but to create layout and the new layout here in my blog is the result of my hardwork. haha :D Last month, I have made one already but I am not satisfied with what I have done that's why I decided to create a new one. I find it cute but how about you? Care to comment? Thanks!

3 - Happy Birthday Jude!