Sunday, January 27, 2008

Train your mouth and heart until you can say the right thing at the right time and the right way for the right reasons.

Yesterday was really tiresome. As what we have planned, my thesismates and I went to the University of the Philippines to look for research materials that we will be using in our thesis. Our meeting place was at Monumento Station, 10am sharp. I woke up not so early because the meeting place is just near to ours. I took my breakfast and took a bath. Ian and Ryan were texting me and informing where they were. Sadly, Jeff was not replying to any of our messages for no reason at all. I was late, the only girl and the youngest in the group was late. I saw them waiting somewhere near the station. Then we started walking towards the loading area.

At first, we were quite unsure on what vehicle should we ride on. We stopped for a while until a bus stopped in front of us. We were all hesitant if we will be riding or not. Then Ryan asked the guy if it will pass by SM North and he said yes. We rode on that bus and went down at SM North. We waited for a jeep going to UP Campus. It was such a long ride going to the university.

After we reached the main library, we asked the guard and gave him the letter but he said that they don't allow undergraduates to research there. And we explained to him about our purpose and how our friends came there and researched. He understood it, finally and asked us to go to the Engineering Library. We walked for how many minutes because we were clueless about the said place. We asked a student there and good thing, we were heading to the right destination.

We reached the library but unfortunately, it was lunch break. What we did was we waited there for a little while since we can't walk again and find for some place to eat. We went back and started doing the thing. But we only find few information.

We went directly to Trinoma to eat. We strolled around. Ian and I toured Ryan because it was his first time there. You see, I'm the only girl. Wait, I enjoyed the day so much though I was with the boys. Well, they are so nice and gentlemen too. I have no problem with them.

Hopefully, we could accomplish the 2nd Chapter tomorrow because we are planning to pass it on Tuesday. And besides, we still need to do the Chapter 3.

Until now, I haven't decided about the Bataan Trip. I'm still confused. Hate this feeling.