Friday, January 18, 2008

It's really hard to freeze in sweetness when someone has already melted you into something bitter.

The oh-so deadly exams are now finally over, no, not all. I still have one exam left and there is still no definite date on when can we take the exams in NOS because the books are not yet distributed. Good thing, I was able to get my book on that subject before the Christmas break. And now, most of my batchmates haven't have their books and that is a major problem since our exam in that subject will be based on the book. So, probably, we still need to wait on when can the books be delivered to Letran from Singapore.

I went to school earlier because I taught my friends about Subnetting. Our first exam was Theology and I was expecting an easy exam but I was totally wrong. Since our professor in that subject was the one who did the exam and he was assuring us that the exam will be easy, I expected that. But I was really surprised because the exam was quite difficult. Yeah, I just used my stock knowledge and my common sense in answering the exam. Of course, I guessed. I'm looking forward for a passing remark.

After that, we stayed for quite a while at the Catwalk. I taught them again about Subnetting and I'm thankful because they got it easily. We were also throwing jokes with each other and laughing out loud. How I missed those times? We seldom have those kind of things because we are so busy now. And it was actually a good thing that we were able to revive it.

We took the second exam which was IT Elect. It was quite hard but kinda easy, as well. Well, our proctors for the exam were just so nice that's why we could ask each other about this and that. I find the exam okay. I'm hoping to pass that exam.

After taking the exam, we went to the stone bench and just chatted because while we were taking the exam, we were on different rooms because we belong to different sections. We talked, chatted, joked and laughed until we felt that we were starving. We went to 7/11 to have our merienda and continued our conversation there.

Then, we went back to pass our chapter 1 and Sir Armin told us that we should go back on Monday to get our 1st Chapter. We stayed for a little while at IIT and chatted with our professors until we decided to go home.

If the plan will push through, we will be going to PLM once again to check out the letter that we had forwarded to the president of the school and to know if our letter has been approved or not. Well, we badly need it because our defense is on the 1st week of March and we haven't finished the 2nd and 3rd Chapter. Hopefully, they will accept our proposal to lessen our thesis problem.