Thursday, January 31, 2008

A person who truly loves you is someone who sees the pain your eyes while everyone is fooled by your fake smile.

I have decided already. I'm not gonna come with them. Well, I have lots of important things to do than to join the Bataan Trip. And I'm sure that there are still next times. We can again set another trip to that place. But for now, I'm more focus with my thesis. It has been the reason why these past few days I'm getting more and more confused.

I really wanna join tomorrow's trip but I learned that they will leave Manila at 9.30am. I have an appointment at PLM tomorrow morning. Well, I thought they will leave in the afternoon that's why I'm so excited to come with them but I was wrong. But I guess, it's better if I will just stay here in the house. After all, I had a bad dream two nights ago about losing my tooth. Many people told me that it means death.

After how many revisions made, finally, our Chapter 1 is now approved. Next problem is the 2nd Chapter. I haven't edited it because I'm too lazy and besides, I can't understand the format of that chapter. I really don't have any idea about the real format. What our adviser just told us makes it more complicated. And since, we're gonna pass it to PLM tomorrow, I'm not gonna edit it first. I'll just reason out, in case.

We are supposed to pass 3 chapters tomorrow to one of the staff of PLM but the contents of the 3rd Chapter hasn't given to us. I actually talked to my RM professor this afternoon but she told me that she will give it on Tuesday and that I should just tell that person that we only had prepared Chapters 1 and 2. And besides, I'm not in the mood to do something school-related now. But hopefully, everything will be okay tomorrow.

Second Semester hasn't ended and Defense has not yet scheduled but my friends started planning about our summer getaway. Probably, it will be on April. What most of them want is to have an out of town trip to Baguio. Okay, right now, I'm gonna say that I am not really sure if I could join them or not. Of course, I have this huge problem with my parents because I don't know if they gonna be allowing me or not since its too far from Manila and we really need a big budget for that. But I hope if all plans have been settled down, my parents will allow me to go.

Final Defense is fast approaching and I'm not yet ready to face our panelists. I'm so scared. But I know our group can do it. For now, we should focus on accomplishing Chapters 1 to 3. Wish us the best of luck. Our future lies here, promise.

Love Month will begin tomorrow...