Sunday, January 6, 2008

The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long?

Starting tomorrow, I will be back in my job and that is being a student. After a two-week Christmas break, here we are now, facing again our professors and doing their never-ending school works. I am not yet ready, as in. I just can't get enough of vacation. If only I could extend it, I will but I know I can't.

Once I go back to school tomorrow, I'm expecting a lot of school works to accomplish and maybe, surprise quizzes. Of course, they will again discuss their over boring lessons and give us their oh so difficult and long assignments. Argh.

Oh by the way, just today, my classmate informed me about this assignment in one of our major subjects and to make it worst, that assignment will be passed tomorrow. What the heck?! I really can't understand my professor in NOS. We had a two-week vacation yet he just gave the assignment just now, to think that it will be handwritten and due tomorrow. I checked the Yahoo Groups and he gave 9 questions. The answers can be found in the book but the problem is that the answers are really long. He is so annoying, as always. He is just so unpredictable. Aside from that, he gave our assignment for Wednesday and he scheduled a make-up class on Friday. Talking about being busy. We haven't been stepping our royal feet in the campus yet we are already given lots of things to do.

I have been thinking a lot about our thesis because ever since the Colegio Week started, my thesismates and I haven't talked about it because we became so busy with the event. We haven't updated each other on what we should do next. I'm afraid that we might not accomplish it on time. But hopefully, as soon as the classes resume, we could talk about it already. Well, I'm feeling it, the defense would probably be a month away and I'm so scared about it. haha :P I know, there is nothing to be scared of but I can't stop myself from feeling it.

Also, our midterm examinations will be on next week and I haven't been learning a lot from the day that the second semester has started. I might study well this week because I have this fear of failing. I have to give my best on the exams because I'm not really satisfied with my performance for the past two months.

On the contrary, I feel so glad because I will be seeing my friends once again. I just missed them so much and I can't wait to see them all again. After all, we haven't talked that much during the past weeks and I haven't texted them, as well. For sure, we have lots of stories to share tomorrow. I just missed our tawanan, kulitan and kalokohan.

By the way, I am so happy that Ruben Gonzaga emerged as the Big Winner of PBBCE2 ousting his co-housemates, Riza, Gaby and Will. Ever since the season started, I was really rooting for him because I do believe that he is the most deserving amongst the other. Financially, we all know how much he needs money. His family are not as wealthy as the other housemates and his family badly needs it. In terms of attitude and character, he proved that he is something that he isn't just any ordinary person. He showed what he is really made of and he never let himself be left out by other housemates. For me, he really deserves the title.