Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Forgetting the feelings you have for someone is one of the things that could never be easy. After a long time of loving, here you are now trying to forget but still loving in silence.

Instead of studying for our midterm exams, here I am now, typing a new entry for my blog. Well, talking about being lazy. But I finished reviewing Comp108 and Discrete Math last Saturday and so, I just read my notes this afternoon to see if I could still remember all the things that I have studied.

Yesterday, we had two sets of exams. I went to school early because Ian and I had to see Ms. Anna, our adviser, to check out our Chapter 1 plus I had to teach Niko about Linear Programming. But both of them were late. So, I stayed at the library for quite a while and had some chit-chatting with the couple, Eunice and JL. I was teasing JL about Eunice's former crushes and he was kinda pissed. haha ;P Well, I was just having my revenge.

After Ian arrived, we went directly to the IIT so we could talk to Ms. Anna and good thing, she was there. She asked us to go back after lunch because they were busy preparing the test papers. We went back to the library and waited for Niko. But, it was 12nn already yet he was nowhere in sight. We went down and stayed at the catwalk. He arrived around 12:30pm and I started teaching him the subject. He got it easily but hopefully, he could remember it once he takes the exam.

We first took Math120 and sad to say, it was difficult but not totally. But I'm still 50-50 about the result because I ain't sure if I'm going to pass it or not. But hopefully, I could pass. The next exam was Lit and I was surprised to know that our professor did the exam. It was not that difficult but you know, it wasn't that easy either. I just guessed and guessed because I was really clueless about the answers. I'm just crossing my finger about the results. I don't wanna fail.

Supposedly, I won't be going to school today because I don't have any exams scheduled for this day. But because our thesis is much more important than anything else, I went to school to meet up with my thesismates (Ian, Ryan and Jeff). I'm the rose among the thorns. Ian and Jeff went first to IIT to let our letter be signed by Ms. Anna. Then, they fetched me and Ryan at the library and off we went.

We went to PLM and asked the guard on to whom we should give our letter but our letter is addressed to the President but he wasn't around that time. So, he told us to go to the Student Affairs. Since, it is not our school, we are really clueless about the different buildings. Good thing, I met my cousin, Kuya Paulo, along the way. He walked us to the office and left us because he still needs to review for his exams. We talked to the guy but after how many minutes, he told us to go to the College of Engineering. Kuya Paulo walked us once again and we were able to talk to Mr. Flores because the Dean took a lunch break. He then again referred us to the chairperson of Computer Science but he wasn't there in his office. And since we can't go back after lunch, the guard decided to forward our letter to the president and we just need to call them tomorrow.

We were really tired because we walked from one building to another to think that the buildings are not close to each other. We were exhausted because the persons that we were able to talk to just referred us to another person and then referred us again to another one, it was like a cycle. Thanks for the guard because he was really nice to us. And Kuya Pau for walking us to our destinations.

I went home after that because I still need to review for my exams tomorrow. I took a rest first then, I studied. I have two sets of exams tomorrow and I want to pass those exams so badly.