Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's amazing how you continue to love someone you cannot have. Maybe because trying to stay away would hurt, so you might as well take the risk because either way you'd get hurt anyway. (so very true!)

So far, I have passed all of my midterm examinations and I'm so happy about it. I haven't failed any of them. Actually, I wasn't really confident with my answers during the exam because I really didn't study hard due to laziness. Plus, during the exam week, we were also busy for our thesis. I was not expecting for higher scores as long as I pass the exam, I'm very much contented about it.

Ever since the classes resume after the midterm exam, I have been very busy with regards to our thesis because PLM hasn't replied to us yet or rather say, we have been calling them yet no one was answering. We were quite annoyed and pissed because that thing is so important to us. Since Thursday last week, we were calling them and until yesterday, we still did but the phone just kept on ringing. So, we planned of going there this morning.

I was not able to come with them because I can't afford to absent myself to my M120 class because of the quiz. Ian, Ryan and Jeff went there this morning and fixed everything. Good thing, everything was so okay. They told me that the person they talked to looked for me because I was the only person who wasn't there that time. They just reasoned out. Now, we just have to concentrate on accomplishing the first three chapters and the questions that we will be asking because the person they were able to talk to told them that we need to pass those things on Feb. 1. For now, one down, more to go.

Aside from the thesis, our professors just started giving us school works. I'm just so confused right now on what and how to start because everything just keep on coming and we haven't done even a single thing. Hopefully, we could accomplish everything. By the way, this Saturday, my thesismates and I will be visiting UP to do some research works. Because the materials in Letran are not enough for our thesis.

Just this afternoon, we took our midterm exam in NOS and it was very difficult. I hate the fact that it wasn't either of the two professors who did the exam. The one who did was our former professor. Most of the questions were not yet discussed or not really a part of the subject that we are taking. I just wasted my time last night reviewing the Modules 1-5 of our MOC only to learn that the questions were not taken from the book. I'm just crossing my fingers about the result. I'm really not asking now for a high score, just a passing remark, it is very much okay with me.