Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't hold too long to what's never meant, sometimes, we need to set things free before it hurts us badly.

I just came from a sickness. I have been suffering severe cough and cold for four days now and I even got a fever. It was really hard to concentrate on things because I wasn't really feeling well. You know how uncomfortable it was. Good thing, yesterday was a no class day and I was able to have a rest.

Nothing much happened last Monday. We just sat down and listened to whatever my professors were telling us. And it was actually about our upcoming Midterm Examinations. They gave us the things that we need to review and the schedule, as well. I had some moments with my friends though I admit, I didn't enjoy that day much because I wasn't feeling well. But I'm really glad to see them all again.

I got fever on Tuesday and I was planning not to go to school but I was thinking about our thesis. So, I went to school but to my dismay, my professor in Research Methods was absent. Instead of going home, I attended my next classes though I wasn't feeling good.

Yesterday was a no class day because it was the Feast of the Black Nazarene. I took a rest the entire day. And finally, I felt a lot better. I didn't stay online for a long time so my eyes could rest, as well.

And now, I'm okay already though I still have cough and cold. For the last minute, they still discussed some lessons. Good thing, the topics are very much interesting. I just hate Flash because my professor is not really good. I'm really trying my best to understand and explore Macromedia Flash all by myself. And now, she gave us an activity to be submitted next week and I haven't learned anything, only a little.

Our thesis is driving me crazy now. We need to pass the edited Chapter 1 on Wednesday and yet, we haven't visited the school where we will be conducting our study. Tss. Our professor is really confusing eh. I really can't understand her. Plus the second chapter is due next next week. The mock defense will be on February and the final defense will be on the first week of March. My schedule is so hectic now.

Midterm exams will start on Monday and I still haven't studied my lessons. I'll start reviewing tomorrow after I attend my make-up class on NOS. I have lot of things to do and I don't know what to start first.