Thursday, February 16, 2006

isa lang ang subject ko ngaung araw na ito kaya maaga din akong dumating dito sa bahay.. supposedly, we should have a practice today for our group presentation in PE but since, my members didn't attend kaya DYEI and i decided wag na lang and besides, ala pa din kaming music.. di xe namin mahagilap ung prof namin eh.. but hopefully, by tomorrow, we could have our own copy of the music..

at last, our prof in COMP102 attended our class.. hehe.. two consecutive meetings na xe xa absent eh.. he first gave us our midterm grade and fortunately, i got good grade on the subject.. and after that, we had a quiz, for me it was a surprise quiz bcoz di ko alam na meron pala.. but good thing, he gave us time to review.. =D

after the quiz, aiun, we had our hands-on.. it was fun actually, ung all of us were chatting xe connected lahat ng computers sa isa't-isa.. ang saya kanina, tawanan lang kami ng tawanan.. hehe.. =D and then, he dismissed the class..

though, i was quite bad trip kaninang uwian, still, may saya pa din noh.. u know why, panu ba naman, i saw JOSHUA and ALWYN.. but di ko napansin si REI.. according to DYEI, andun din daw xa kaya lang, di ko xa napansin.. baka may nagbago sa kanya [hairstyle???] kaya di ko napansin..

excited na ako bukas, manunood xe kami ni EUNICE ng games tomorrow eh.. =P before 8am kami magkikita sa school.. =P wooohooo.. GO IT1E and IT1F.. hehe..


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