Monday, February 6, 2006

aiun nga, till now i still feel that kilig.. hehe.. =D actually, it was BOYET's fault.. haha.. =D kahit na nung wedding ng cousin ko, kinikilig pa din ako on what happened last friday.. *kilig*

anywei, we attended a wedding last saturday nga.. it was my cousin KUYA RYAN and ATE JANIS.. =P xmpre, i wore a formal dress for that event [we were required actually..] for me, it was the best wedding i've ever attended in my entire life.. haha.. sobrang ganda, engrande and basta... ang ganda nung wedding and very sosyal ha.. hehe.. =P actually, ung sa photographers plus the cameramen worth 5o thou na tapos ung rent nung reception worth 95 thou naman without catering pa un ha.. waaaa.. richness sila talaga.. =D

ung church was the HEART OF JESUS AND MARY PARISH.. it was a small church yet elegant naman noh.. very solemn ung wedding ceremony.. =D and everyone were in formal attire especially the guys who were wearing a barong tagalog as required.. hehe.. =D ang ganda nung bride.. sobra.. =D

then, nag-start na ung marching.. very beautiful xe may rehearsals pa un eh.. hehe.. =D tapos ang galing pa nung photographer nila, ung mga pics nung newlyweds parang pics sa magazine.. they looked like models in the mag.. =D

super duper ganda ng reception.. it was held in the GAZEBO ROYALE in QC.. =P ang ganda ng ambience and nung place talaga.. =P i really admire the place, i want to held my debut party on that same place.. haha.. no, i'm just kidding.. =D and the program was really nice, very modernized and actually it was fun.. =D after the party, xmpre, picture-picture na naman kami.. u know naman that we are picture addict.. hehe.. puro mga wacky posts pa.. haha.. =P mga pasaway.. hehe..

sobrang sosyal din nung mga bisita especially ung mga friends nila.. xe naman mga friends nila un from SAN BEDA and LA SALLE.. both of them studied at DLSU xe eh.. =P andaming chinito.. haha.. =P and i got a crush on the best man, my cousin's best friend.. haha.. he is really cute xe especially his dimples.. =P but the sad part was, may gf na xa.. =/

today is the start of the alternative week in LETRAN [a program by CLASED faculty] wherein students will be the professors by this time.. =P and DYEI was one of them.. she will be our student prof in RETORIKA and THEO.. and by the way, i was very thankful coz i've finished our report on STATS.. =P at least, nabawasan ng mga pahirap.. =P next in line is RETORIKA.. waaaa.. but DYEI will accompany me naman eh.. hehe.. =P

anywei, till here na, i still need to do my assignment in COMP102 which is very long.. =D

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