Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's not the effort that makes the girl smiles. It's the willingness of the guy to do those crazy effort just to make her smile.

OJT Three-O [Joanne, Cez and Niko]

The busy girl is back. Oh well, I'm so much busy with school, as usual. I am currently enjoying my On-The-Job training at Philippine National Bank though we couldn't practice our Networking skills there. It is not the job that we are enjoying but the new environment that we are into. It is truly something new for the three of us, rather all of us interns and trainees. During our first week, we were just given simple tasks and everything was about the database. Don't ask why. We were not able to file a request so that we can be transferred to the IT Department. But nevertheless, we don't have regrets because our five bosses (three vice presidents and two project managers) are all nice and friendly.

Of course, as a Systems Engineering student, I really wanna practice my skills in networking and troubleshooting but I can't because in the office, we are actually dealing with databases. But according to one of my professors, it is just okay because once we enter the corporate world, we will not know where will we be assigned. There are much more opportunities if we are knowledgeable not only in networking but also in database and programming.

Our office is actually good and buildings are overlooking because of the big glass window. I feel so lucky and grateful because we are assigned there because the people there are very much friendly and they wouldn't treat you as just a mere trainee. They are so kind and nice. If we accomplish something that they'd asked as to do, they would say thank you which is, I think, rare.

I usually enjoy because I am with my super fun friends, Niko and Joanne. Although at times they used to trick, tease and fool me, still, they are truly the friends I've wanting to have. Joanne is my partner in crime just so you know. I never thought that we will be this close because during our freshman year, she wasn't really my companion. Thanks to free sectioning. She has become my kasangga, my secret keeper and adviser. Niko, on the other hand, is like a brother to me. I used to call him kuya before. Ever since freshman year, we are really close. I used to consult to him my problems and he knows a lot of secrets.

Just wish us luck on our OJT. May we successfully finish it. It's fun, swear. That's why I'm excited and nervous at the same time to enter the corporate world.

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